A fuse board is critical in every home, and for your safety, it is essential that any repairs or replacements are carried out by a qualified electrician. Whether you are looking to install a new fuse box, repair an existing one, or simply test your current fuse board to make sure it is working as it should, 24/7 Gloucester Electrician can help.

In most cases, it is more cost effective to replace your current fuse box than attempt to repair it, but before we do that, we will:

  1. Check your original installation to ensure to complies with current B.S 7671 Regulations.
  2. Test the three essential components of your fuse board – the circuit breaker, the R.C.D (residual current devices), and the main switch, to ensure that they are in full working order.
  3. Ask about the history of your fuse board so that we can determine the cause of any problems based on our 15 years of experience.

Common Fuse Board Problems

A fuse board is something we rarely think about unless we are having problems, but it is a vital piece of home security to keep you and your family safe. Today, we are using far more electrical appliances than ever before, and many fuse boxes, particularly older ones, struggle to distribute the power evenly. This can cause several problems, including:

Signs of Fuse Board Problems

You may not notice any of the above problems, but if you have noticed lights flickering, a buzzing sound when turning on electrical appliances, a burning smell, or even minor electrical shocks when plugging or unplugging electrical equipment, it is essential that you call in a qualified electrician to troubleshoot the problem.

24/7 Gloucester Electricians: NAPIT Certified

At 24/7 Gloucester Electrician, we are proud to offer a fast and friendly service at prices you can afford. Our fully qualified electricians have the experience needed to determine your fuse board problems in just one visit, and in most cases, we will fix or replace your fuse box there and then.  All our installations come complete with NAPIT electrical certificates for your peace of mind, and we clean up after ourselves to leave your home exactly as we found it.